Cathode Ray Tube and Stand


Accession Number:

Instrument Name: Cathode Ray Tube and Stand


The object has two parts:

1) The main object is a glass apparatus consisting of two wide, nested cylinders, the smaller of which is hollow. Jutting out from the sides and connected to the space between these two cylinders are two glass branches with metal plates at their ends. On the outsides of these branches are pieces of a white material that has chipped and my once have suspended electrodes that connect to the plates. A small piece of metal on the bottom of the outer cylinder can be inserted into the stand, part 2.

2) A wooden stand painted black. The object has a hole in the centre into which part 1 can be inserted. There is a tag with an old accession number on the stand.

Primary Materials: Glass, Metal, Wood

Markings: On the old tag: “PHY 85″.

Dimensions (cm): l = 22.5cm; w = 4.9cm; h = 8.5cm

Function: Unknown.


Good. The glass apparatus is quite dirty in places and has black burn marks that may be the result of heat or electricity. The base has several cracks in it and is scratched. The paint is beginning to flake.


University of Toronto Department of Physics.

Additional Information and References:

Although recorded in the 1978 catalogue as a cryophorus, the image and description does not suggest a cryophorus. This is an electrical instrument.

Donated to UTSIC: No