Two bottles of Recording Instrument Ink


Accession Number: 2016.zoo.45.1-2

Instrument Name: Two Bottles of Recording Instrument Ink


This piece consists of two glass bottles of viscous red ink labelled “Bristol’s Recording Instrument Ink”. The bottles have black metal caps and are approximately half or 1/3 full.

Primary Materials: Glass, Red Ink, Paper


On the paper label “Trade mark BRISTOL’S Red manufactured by the Bristol Company Toronto, Ontario”. These bottles are virtually identical, even in their number: “40024″.

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 3.5cm, Width = 3.5, Height = 9.5


These bottles contain ink that was used to mark scrolling paper on drum-based recording instruments.


Good. The bottle is only half full of ink. There is some oxidation and dust on the lid of the bottles.

Manufacturer: Bristol Company, Toronto


University of Toronto Zoology Department

Donated to UTSIC: Yes