Tuning Fork Mount


Accession Number: 2012.ph.596

Instrument Name: Tuning Fork Mount


Two metal pieces screwed together (from the top they make almost a cross shape), mounted on a wooden handle. There is a hole through each metal piece top through bottom.

Primary Materials: Metal, rubber

Dimensions (cm): Height=14, Width=4, Length=5

Function: Used in acoustical experiments


Object was formerly fitted with two tuning forks, which are now both missing from the object.


University of Toronto Physics Department

Additional Information and References:

Former catalogue number for this instrument is PHY 55. The former catalogue card for this number indicates: “Tuning Fork; Grey metal (aluminum?) tuning fork mounted in bracket of similar metal on turned wood handle. Hole for another (missing) fork in bracket. 32 cm overall – possibly home made. Used in acoustical experiments.” Recorded by “JAS 16/1/78″

Donated to UTSIC: No