Accession Number: 2012.ast.16


Transit, extra objective, plumb line, magnifying glass (in tortoise shell cover), chisel, spanner and other spare parts are housed inside wooden storage box. Instrument rests on a base (which can be screwed into a tripod) containing adjustable and non adjustable metal components. Instrument rotates on this base. The lower section has a level filled with clear liquid and two magnifying glasses to view markings on either side. The markings labeled “A” and “B” each contain a scale from 0 to 15 and rotate with the instrument over the stationary circle (attached to the base) marked from 0 to 360. Supported by two arms extending from the lower section is a pivoting telescope. Adjacent to the telescope and rotating with it is a wheel marked in four quadrants, from 0 to 90 in each. This wheel rotates against two stationary scales, marked from 0 to 15, and, in a similar arrangement to the lower level, can be viewed through two opposite magnifying glasses. Attached to the non-rotating part of the upper section is another level.

Alternative Name: Transit instrument, transit theodolite

Primary Materials:

Box: Wood, Brass, Felt Padding, Leather. Transit and spare parts: Brass, Other metal, glass, water (levels). Plumb line: Other metal. Chisel: Steel/Iron, Wood. Spanner: Metal alloy. Magnifying glass: Glass, tortoise shell


1) On Transit: “E.R. Watts & Son. Canada Ltd. 4711.

2) On box inside, labels for spare parts, label: “Instrument N. 4711. Constant 1-31 Feet. E. R. Watts & Son. Surveyors & Architects Instruments & Materials. Ottawa, 45 Bank Street. Winnipeg, 408 Portage Avenue. Works:- London, England. All kinds of Surveying Instruments (by any maker) can be repaired at our Winnipeg Store by experienced workmen trained in our London Works. 1 —- ’13.”

3) On box outside tag: “J. Hearch? With? Transit 4711 OK Sucue? 11/51″.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 36 x Width = 15 x Length = 28.5


Measuring heights and distances of distant objects. Used in astronomy and surveying.

Condition: Excellent

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: E. R. Watts & Son

Date of Manufacture: c. 1910

Provenance: Dunlop Observatory.

Donated to UTSIC: No

Historical Notes: Labeled as ast70 in old UTMuSi site.