Reinhaldt’s Transit


Accession Number: 2012.ast.10


Transit is housed inside wooden storage box. Resting on a small tripod brass base are a series of tiers containing a adjustable and non adjustable metal components. Two tiers from the bottom up lead to a round compass face covered in glass with measurements scales surrounding it with adjustable dials and two ‘levels’ filled with clear liquid. Resting up on the compass tier upon two pairs of triangular legs is a pivoting telescope. The entire instrument rotates upon a central ball bearing on top of the metal base tier which rests upon the wooden base. On the external edge of the compass tier is a scale from 0 to 360 which remains fixed while compass and pivoting telescope rotate. Telescope has two objectives and a cover (one objective and the cover are stored separately in the box). Attached to the pivoting telescope above is a level and adjacent is a wheel marked in four quadrants, from 0 to 90 in each.

Alternative Name: Transit instrument, transit theodolite

Primary Materials:

Box: Wood, Steel/Iron, Brass, Felt Padding. Transit: Brass, Other metal, glass, water (levels)

Markings: 1) On the compass face:

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 42 x Width = 18 x Length = 27.5


Measuring heights and distances of distant objects. In astronomy for observing stars as they cross the meridian point and determining times.

Condition: Good

Associated Instruments: 2012.ast.11

Manufacturer: Troughton and Simms, London

Date of Manufacture: c. 1900

Provenance: 1) Carl Reinhart2) Dunlop Observatory

Additional Information and References:

Donated to UTSIC: No

Historical Notes:

Used by Carl Reinhardt for prospecting and mining. Donated to Dunlop Observatory in 1978.