Star Globe


Accession Number: 2012.ast.22


A large brass-hinged hinged wooden box containing a wooden and paper-covered star globe. The globe is mounted in the lower half of the box in a horizontal brass meridian hemisphere. Four removable brass quadrant rings fit over the globe; in conjunction with the hemisphere, these quadrants measure altitude and azimuth. Stars are represented in black ink with symbols corresponding to one of four degrees of magnitude. There are 2 brass-lined pencil holder holes inside the box, one contains an orange-coloured marking pencil. Extensive instructions for use are printed on a paper label mounted to the inside of the box lid, alongside a spare set of 2 brass position markers that can be attached to the quadrant rings.

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: wood, metal, paper, felt


1) instruction label on inside of top half of the box – “”Instructions for Use of Star Globe”"
2) Marked on the globe “”The Husun Star Globe / H. Hughes & Son Ltd / London / 1920″”
3) Engraved on horizontal meridian circle – “”H.H. & S. Ltd No. 3443″”. “

Dimensions (cm): Height = 22.5 x Width = 27 x Length 27


Helps determine altitude and azimuth of heavenly bodies; identify unknown stars; determine times of rising and setting and angles to stars.


Excellent: some scratches, tarnishing, yellowing and wear

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: H. Hughes & Son Ltd. (London)

Date of Manufacture: 1920


University of Toronto Department of Astronomy

Donated to UTSIC: No

Historical Notes:

University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection. UTMuSI database for psychology. Available from (accessed Mar 26, 2012).