Spectroscopic Eyepiece


Accession Number: 2012.ast.12


A small felt lined box with spectroscopic piece and three optical attachments. Spectroscopic piece has base for friction fit onto a telescope of diameter 3.5 cm. From the base a thin shaft with glass prisms inside leads to the optical attachment.

Alternative Name: Star Spectroscope

Primary Materials:

Box: Leather?, felt padding. Optical attachments: brass, glass. Spectroscopic piece: brass, other metal, glass


1) On spectroscopic piece: “A. Hilger Ltd., London.”

2) On inside lid of box: “A. Hilger Ltd., 75A, Camden Road, London, N.W.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 4 x Width = 4 x Length = 4


To provide spectral lines for observed light from stars.

Condition: Excellent

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: A. Hilger Ltd.

Date of Manufacture: early 20th cent.


University of Toronto Department of Astronomy and Astorphysics

Additional Information and References:

Entry updated courtesy of information provided by R. A. Rosenfeld, M.A., M.S.L., Archivist, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

See: John Browning, How to Work with the Spectroscope (London: Browning, 1882).

Donated to UTSIC: No

Historical Notes:

Hilger Crystals. Hilger History: The Hilger Story… so far !!!!. Retrieved Feb 2, 2012 from http://www.hilger-crystals.co.uk/about.asp