Gurley Transit


Accession Number: 2012.ast.6


Transit is housed inside wooden storage box. Resting on a wooden base are a series of tiers containing a adjustable and non adjustable metal components. Two tiers from the bottom up lead to a round compass face covered in glass with measurements scales surrounding it with adjustable dials and two ‘levels’ filled with clear liquid. Resting up on the compass tier upon two pairs of triangular legs is a pivoting telescope. The entire instrument rotates upon a central ball bearing on top of the metal base tier which rests upon the wooden base.

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

wood, brass, leather, rubber, clear liquid, glass


“W & L.E. Gurley, Troy, N.Y.” on box – “AST 55″, “Gurley Transit” in tape

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 49 x Width = 26 x Length = 26 x Diam. = 21


For measuring horizontal angles between sighted objects.


The box is in bad condition, quite damaged and worn. Instrument is in excellent condition except for some signs of wear, tarnishing and oxidization/corrosion. For more information see Condition Report

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: W & L.E. Gurley, Troy, N.Y.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1880


Donated to UTSIC: No

Historical Notes:

old catalog # – AST 55

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